American Society for Ethnohistory Annual Meetings

In an effort to digitize the archives held by the ASE Secretary, the Society will be posting archived conference programs in the upcoming weeks.  The following pdf’s represent the holdings of the ASE.  Society Secretary James Joseph Buss would appreciate help in filling the voids.  If you have old conference programs (particularly those marked Missing below), please send them (or scanned copies) to:

James Buss
1101 Camden Ave
Honors Program
Salisbury University
Salisbury, MD 21801

Year Location Date Program
2014 Indianapolis, IN 8-12 October TBA
2013 New Orleans, LA 11-14 September PDF
2012 Springfield, MO 7-10 Nov PDF
2011 Pasadena, CA 19-22 Oct ’11 PDF
2010 Ottawa, Ont 13-17 Oct ’10 Coming
2009 New Orleans, LA 30 Sep – 3 Oct ’09 Coming
2008 Eugene, OR 12-16 Nov ’08 Coming
2007 Tulsa, OK 07-10 Nov ’07 Coming
2006 Williamsburg, VA 01-05 Nov ’06 Missing
2005 Santa Fe, NM Missing
2004 Chicago, IL Missing
2003 Riverside, CA Missing
2002 Quebec City, Quebec Coming
2001 Tucson, AZ  Missing
2000 London, Ontario Coming Soon
1999 Mashantucket, CT Missing
1998 Minneapolis, MN PDF
1997 Mexico City, Mexico PDF

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