Ethnohistory – Current Issue: Fall 2013

Ethno Cover


  • Saul Schwartz and William Green, “Middle Ground or Native Ground? Material Culture at Iowaville”
  • Jim Williams (Ngäi Tahu), “Juxtaposed Narratives of the Battle of Crowheart Butte”
  • Bryan Rindfleisch, “Our Lands Are Our Life and Breath”: Coweta, Cusseta, and the Struggle for Creek Territory and Sovereignty during the American Revolution”
  • Steven J. Peach, “Creek Indian Globetrotter: Tomochichi’s Trans-Atlantic Quest for Traditional Power in the Colonial Southeast”
  • David L. Haskell, “Tarascan Historicity: Narrative Structure and the Production of the Past in the Case of the Two Tariacuris”
  • Elizabeth Terese Newman, “From Prison to Home: Labor Relations and Social Control in Nineteenth-Century Mexico”
  • Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos, “Tecum, the Fallen Sun: Mesoamerican Cosmogony and the Spanish Conquest of Guatemala”
  • Stacey Schwartzkopf, “Rural Castas, State Projects, and Ethnic Transformation in Western Guatemala, 1800–1821″

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