Ethnohistory – Current Issue: January 2015



Mobility and Disdain: Columbus and Cannibals in the Land of Cotton William F. Keegan 1

Indians, Cannibals, and Barbarians: Hernán Cortés and Early Modern Cultural Relativism David A. Boruchoff 17

“. . . As Long as They Have Their Land”: The Huichol of Western Mexico, 1850–1895 Michele M. Stephens 39

“In Contempt and Oblivion”: Censuses, Ethnogeography, and Hidden Indian Histories in Eighteenth-Century Southern New England Jason Mancini 61

“Navajo Reservation Camp Meeting a Great Success!” The Advent of Diné Pentecostalism after 1950 Kimberly Jenkins Marshall 95

Indian-Styled Mascots, Masculinity, and the Manipulated Indian Body: Chief Illiniwek and the Embodiment of Tradition Michael Taylor 119

Coushatta Basketry and Identity Politics: The Role of Pine-Needle Baskets in the Federal Rerecognition of the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana
Jay Precht 145