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Robert F. Heizer Article Award

Call for  Submissions 2016

This prize is awarded for recognition of the best article in the field of ethnohistory. The award was established in 1980 to honor Dr. Robert F. Heizer, ethnohistorian and archaeologist noted for his research in California and Mesoamerica.

This prize applies to journal articles or essays in books published in 2015, and will be judged by a committee appointed by the President of the American Society for Ethnohistory.

To Nominate an Article/Book Essay Published in 2015

By July 1, 2016, send a copy of the article or book chapter as a pdf file via email to ASE secretary, James Joseph Buss,  Include the subject line: Heizer Candidate

Heizer Prize Committee
Chair, Michael Harkin (University of Wyoming)
Coll Thrush (University of British Columbia)
Cailin Murray (Ball State University)

 All articles published in the Society’s journal Ethnohistory are automatically nominated for the prize.

Previous Winners

Year Recipient Essay Committee
2011 Nicolas Argenti “Things that Don’t Come by the Road: Folktales, Fosterage, and Memories of Slavery in the Cameroon Grassfields,” Comparative Studies in Society and History, 52. Robbie Ethridge, (Chair)Rebecca HornEric V Meeks
2010 Kathleen Wilson “The Performance of Freedom: Maroons and the Colonial Order in Eighteenth-Century Jamaica and the Atlantic Sound” Wm and Mary Quarterly David Dinwoodie (Chair)Monte Kugel      Mary Ellen Kelm
2009 2009 Karen E. Richman “Innocent Imitations: Authenticity and Mimesis in Haitian Vodou Arts, Tourism, and Anthropology” Ethnohistory Spring 2008.
2008 Brian Delay “The Wider World of the Handsome Man: Southern Plains Indians Invade Mexico, 1830-1848.”
Journal of the Early Republic 27, no.1 (Spring 2007): 83-113
Laura Lewis
Alan Durston
Linea Sundstrom
2007 Heidi Bohaker “Nindoodemag: The Significance of Algonquian Kinship Networks in the Eastern Great Lakes Region, 1600-1701,” The William and Mary Quarterly 63.1 (2006), 23-52.
2006 Miranda Warburton & Richard M. Begay “An Exploration of Navajo-Anasazi Relationships” Ethnohistory 52: 3 (Summer 2005), 533-61. Rebecca (Monte) Kugel (chair), Maureen Schwartz, Patrick J. McNamara.
2005 Peter M Whiteley Bartering Pahos with the President
Ethnohistory 51:2 
(Spring 2004) pp359-414
Larry Nesper (chair), Joshua Piker, David Tavarez
2004 Lisa Sousa & Kevin Terraciano “The ‘Original Conquest’ of Oaxaca: Nahua and Mixtec Accounts of the Spanish Conquest.” Ethnohistory 50:2 (Spring 2003) Williams Swagerty (chair), Carolyn Anderson, and Charles Hudson.
2003 Linea Sundstrom “Steel Awls for Stone Age Plainswomen: Rock Art, Religion, and the Hide Trade on the Northern Plains.” Plains Anthropologist 47: 99-119. Colin Calloway (Chair), Greg O’Brien, and Paige Raibmon.
2002 Jeffrey C. Kaufmann “La Question des Raketa: Colonial Struggles with Prickly Pear Cactus in Southern Madagascar, 1900-1923.” Ethnohistory 48, 87-121. James Taylor Carson (Chair), Brenda Child, and Frank Salomon.
2001 Paige Raibmon “Theatres of Contact: The Kwakwaka’wakw Meet Colonialism in British Columbia and at the Chicago World’s Fair.” Canadian Historical Review 82(2): 157-90. Patricia Galloway, Chair, William Hart, and Susan Sleeper-Smith.
2000 Meredith McKittrick “Faithful Daughter, Murdering Mother: Transgression and Social Control in Colonial Namibia.” Journal of African History 40: 265-283. Rayna Green, Chair, Gregory Dowd, and Judith Zeitlin.
1999 Kevin Terraciano “Crime and Culture in Colonial Mexico: The Case of the Mixtec Murder Note.” Ethnohistory 45, #3 (1998): 709-745. Nancy Shoemaker, Chair, Steven Crum, Laura Peers
1998 Ruth Wallis Herndon and Ella Wilcox Sekatau “The Right to a Name: The Narrangansett People and Rhode Island Officials in the Revolutionary Era.” Ethnohistory 44(3):433-462 (1997). Regna Darnell, chair; Susan Kellogg, and Peter Mancall
1997 Tamara Giles-Vernick “Na lege ti guiriri (On the Road of History): Mapping Out the Past and Present in M’Bres Region, Central African Republic.” Ethnohistory 43(2):245-275 (1996). Regna Darnell, chair; Nancy Shoemaker, and Kevin Terraciano
1996 Janet Carsten “The politics of forgetting: Migration, kinship and memory on the periphery of the Southeast Asian state.” Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (N.S.) 1:317-335 (1995). John D. Monaghan, chair; Pauline Turner Strong, and Kenneth M. Morrison
1995 Julie Cruikshank “Claiming Legitimacy: Prophecy Narratives from Northern Aboriginal Women.” American Indian Quarterly 18:147-167 (1994). Pauline Strong, chair; Susan Deeds, and Peter Wood
1994 David Nugent “Property relations, production relations, and inequality: Anthropology, political economy, and the Blackfeet.” American Ethnologist 20(2): 336-362 (May 1993). Frederic Hicks, chair; Kathryn Braund, and Thomas Biolsi
1993 John Steckley “The warrior and the lineage: Jesuit use of Iroquoian images to communicate Christianity.” Ethnohistory 39(4):478-509 (Fall 1992). Mary Druke Becker, chair; Robert M. Hill II, and John F.S. Phinney
1992 Inga Clendinnen “‘Fierce and unnatural cruelty’: Cortés and the conquest of Mexico.” Representations 33:65-100 (Winter 1991). Colin G. Calloway, chair; Gertrude C. Nicks, and Louise Burkhart
1991 Harold W. Van Lonkhuyzen “A reappraisal of the praying Indians: Acculturation, conversion, and identity at Natick, Massachusetts, 1646 – 1730.” New England Quarterly 63(1):396-428 (1990). Sergei Kan, chair; Getrude C. Nicks, and Barbara Angel
1990 Ronald R. Atkinson “The evolution of ethnicity among the Acholi of Uganda: The precolonial phase.” Ethnohistory 36(1):19-43 (Winter 1989). John E. Kicza, chair; Toby Morantz, and Sergei Kan
1989 Irene Silverblatt “Imperial Dilemmas, the Politics of Kinship, and Inca Reconstruction of History.” Comparative Studies in Society and History 30(1):83-102 (1988). Neal Salisbury, chair; Jay Miller, and John E. Kicza
1988 Robert McC. Netting “Clashing Cultures, Clashing Symbols: Histories and Meanings of the Latok War.” Ethnohistory 34(4):352-380 (1987). Ross Hassig, chair; Frederick E. Hoxie, and Peter A. Thomas
1987 Sergei Kan “19th Century Tlingit Potlatch: A New Perspective.” American Ethnologist 13(2):191-229 (1986). Peter Iverson, chair; Frederick E. Hoxie, and Kathleen J. Bragdon
1986 Douglas R. Parks and Waldo R. Wedel “Pawnee Geography: Historical and Sacred.” Great Plains Quarterly 5(3):143-176 (1985). Elizabeth J. Glenn, chair; Peter Iverson, Juan Villamarin, and Judy Villamarin
1985 James H. Merrill “The Indian’s New World: The Catawba Experience.” William and Mary Quarterly, 3rd ser. 41(Oct.):537-565 (1984). Elizabeth J. Glenn, chair; Peter Iverson, and Grant Jones
1984 Jacqueline Peterson “Ethnogenesis: Settlement and Growth of a ‘New People’.” American Indian Culture and Research Journal 6(2) (1982, published 1983). William T. Hagan, chair; Elizabeth J. Glenn, and Janet B. Esser
1983 Sylvia Broadbent “The Transformation of Peasant Society in Central Columbia.” Ethnohistory 28(3):259-277 (1981, published 1982). Mary Helms, chair; William T. Hagan, and Raymond J. DeMallie
1982 Grant D. Jones “Symbolic Dramas of Ethnic Stratification: The Yucatecan Fiesta System on a Colonial Frontier.” Papers in Anthropology 22 (1) (1981). Dean R. Snow, chair; Mary Helms, and William R. Swagerty
1981 Lynn Ceci “Watchers of the Pleiades: Ethnoastronomy among Native Cultivators in Northeastern North America.” Ethnohistory 25(4):301-317 (1978, published 1980). Calvin Martin, chair; Helen Hornbeck Tanner, and Henry B. Nicholson

Journals to be Consulted for the Heizer Prize


List of Journals
– America Indigena
– American Anthropologist
– American Antiquity
– American Ethnologist
– American Historical Review
– American Indian Culture and Research Journal
– American Indian Law Review
– American Indian Quarterly
– The Americas
– Anthropologica
– Anthropological Quarterly
– Anthropos
– Arctic Anthropology
– Canadian Historical Review
– Canadian Journal of History
– Canadian Journal of Native Studies
– Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology
– Comparative Studies in Society and History
– Current Anthropology
– Daedalus
– Estudios de Cultura Maya
– Estudios de Cultura Nahuatl
– Ethnohistory
– Ethnology
– Ethnos
– Ethos
– Etudes Inuits
– European Review of Native American Studies
– Fernand Braudel Center for the Study of Economies, – Historical Systems, and Civilizations.  Review
– Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies
– Gender and History
– Great Plains Quarterly
– Hispanic American Historical Review
– Histories of Anthropology Annual
– L’Homme
– Human Ecology
– International Journal of African Historical Studies
International Social Science Journal
– Journal of African History 
– Journal of American Ethnic History
– Journal of American History
– Journal of American Studies
– Journal of Anthropological Research
– Journal of Asian History
– Journal of Asian Studies
– Journal of Comparative Family Studies
– Journal of Ethnic Studies
– Journal of Family History
– Journal of Historical Geography
– Journal of Indigenous Nations Studies
– Journal of Indian History
– Journal of Interdisciplinary History
– Journal of Latin American Studies
– Journal of Pacific History
– Journal of Peasant Studies
– Journal of Social History
– Journal of Social History of Man
– Journal of Southern History
– Journal of Women’s History
– Kiva
– Latin American Antiquity
– Man in the Northeast
– Mesoamerica
– Native Americas : Akwe:kon’s journal of indigenous issues 
– Native Studies Review
– Oceania
– Pacific Historical Review
– Pacific Northwest Quarterly
– Past and Present
– Plains Anthropology
– Recherches Amerindienes du Quebec 
– REVINDI (Revista Indigenista Latinoamericana)
– Social Science History
– Social Science Journal
– Southwestern Historical Quarterly
– UCLA Historical Journal
– Western Historical Quarterly
– William and Mary Quarterly

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